Lasse Tarvainen

UniversityUniversity of Gothenburg
DepartmentBiological and environmental science
Keywordskoldioxid, gran, fältkammare, ekofysiologi, gasutbyte, fotosyntes, respiration, tillväxt, mikroklimat, carbon dioxide, spruce, chamber measurements, ecophysiology, gas exchange, photosynthesis, respiration, growth, microclimate

Website University of Gothenburg, in Swedish
Website University of Gothenburg, in English
Networks/thematic areasGothenburg Air and Climate Network (GAC)

Reasearch / work
O2 exchange between forest and atmosphere on the tree and the ecosystem level This PhD project will be a part of a main project titled: Net greenhouse gas flux from drained fertile forest ecosystems. The aim of the project is to quantify the fluxes of CO2 between the trees and the atmosphere. The results from tree level measurements will be scaled up to the canopy and the ecosystem level. Ecosystem flux measurements using eddy covariance technique will be used to validate the modelling results.