Jenny Stenberg

HögskolaGöteborgs Universitet
InstitutionÖvrigt (GU)

Hemsida Göteborgs Universitet, på svenska
Hemsida Göteborgs Universitet, på engelska
Nätverk/temaområdenGlobal Sustainable Futures (GSF), Urban forskning (tidigare Urban Research Network)
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Forskning / verksamhet
Jenny Stenberg’s research, which is action-oriented, deals with social aspects and particularly citizen participation in planning. She has a special interest in the buildings of the »million programme« (housing areas built in the 1960s and 70s), as it faces extensive repairs, and also in the population in these areas whose energy and knowledge should be an asset to urban development. These interests has led to her research being transdisciplinary, which means that she considers all actors in society – researchers, municipal employees and citizens – as knowledge producers, knowledge carriers and knowledge users in research. Information about research projects: