Bethanie Carney Almroth

HögskolaGöteborgs Universitet
InstitutionBiologi och miljövetenskap
Sökordfisk, ekotoxicologi, miljögifter, oxidativ stress, åldrande, biomarkörer, läkemedel, mikroarray, fish, ecotoxicology, environmental pollution, oxidative stress, aging, biomarkers, pharmaceuticals, microarray

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Forskning / verksamhet
My research has focused on the effects of environemntal pollution on fish. Much of this work has focused on oxidative stress, which is closely related to physiological aging. I worked with questions of aging in wild populations of fish, as affected by overfishing, and in relation to toxicant exposure. I have also addressed more basic questions of aging and its relationship to reproduction. More recently, I have begun workon the effects of human pharmaceuticals on fish. Goals of this work oncludes proving information to desicion makers to support societal changes in chemical usage and protection of wild populations of aquatic animals.