Johan Dahlstrand

UniversityUniversity of Gothenburg
DivisionPublic Health and Community Medicine
PhD student
Keywordsadolescent mental health

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Reasearch / work
The increasing prevalence of stress and psychosomatic symptoms over the last decade has coincided with a negative trend in school results. Without good health it is difficult for adolescents to develop their full potential and fully participate in society as adults. Mental health research is often based on cross-sectional data analyses; interventions are difficult to evaluate due to the lack of knowledge on causality. Additionally, there is the difficulty that important data sets so far are based on subjective data, in the form of questionnaires, to a large degree lacking verifiable objective measures, such as physical examinations. The purpose of this study is to fill parts of this knowledge gap, addressing the lack of longitudinal research of simultaneously measured subjective and objective well-being and health, stress and psychosomatic symptoms, and possible interacting factors.