Kanchana N Ruwanpura

UniversityUniversity of Gothenburg
DepartmentEconomy and society
DivisionHuman geography
KeywordsSri Lanka, South Asia, Labour, Feminism, Corporate Codes of Conduct, Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster

Website University of Gothenburg, in Swedish www.gu.se/om-universitetet/hitta-person/kanchanaruwanpura
Website University of Gothenburg, in English www.gu.se/om-universitetet/hitta-person/kanchanaruwanpura
Networks/thematic areasGlobal Sustainable Futures (GSF)
RegionsSouth Asia
CountrySri Lanka

Reasearch / work
I have broadly researched on the following themes: a) the relationship between global governance regimes and labour politics, with an interest in how labour relations are structured and the space for their agency (within the apparel sector); b) the connections between ethno-nationalism, post-disaster politics, inequality and the environment; c) the politics of large infrastructure projects, post-conflict development, the state and the intensification of militarisation. These topics interest me because they help appreciate how the lived realities of people in the global South and their actions testify to the messiness of "development". Being attentive to these voices helps rupture the teleological narratives of development promoted by various development agencies - and helps make the case for teasing out the processes and meanings of development so that we can abide by people’s concerns around and meanings of social justice.