Annemieke (=Annemarie) Gärdenäs

UniversityUniversity of Gothenburg
DepartmentBiological and environmental science
KeywordsBiogeophysics, Biogeochemistry, Process-oriented modelling, Forestry, Agriculture, Carbon, Nitrogen, Radionuclides, Land-Climate interactions

Website University of Gothenburg, in Swedish
Website University of Gothenburg, in English
Networks/thematic areasGothenburg Air and Climate Network (GAC), Global Sustainable Futures (GSF)

Reasearch / work
I’m a system ecologist with a Biogeophysical perspective. I study how biological, chemical and physical processes together govern fluxes of carbon, nitrogen, and radionuclides in terrestrial ecosystems. My research interests fits within the triangle of i) sustainable land use and management, ii) environmental change and iii) other anthropogenic drivers. Examples of other anthropogenic drivers are policy, economy, as well as long-distance contamination by nitrogen or radioactive deposition. I develop and refine process-oriented models to analyze relationships between management, vegetation, soil, climate and hydrology. Data from long-term experiments and the Swedish national soil inventory are used to test hypotheses and validate models. With my research I aim to contribute to improved understanding of land-climate interactions and thereby provide scientific base for sustainable land use. Currently I’m leading a Formas-funded project ‘Organic Beef production and other Ecosystem Services’ with research responsibility for Climatic impact. I’m also a core member of the Formas strong research environment IMPRESS.