Mark Foreman

UniversityChalmers University of Technology
DepartmentChemistry and Chemical Engineering
DivisionIndustrial materials recycling
KeywordsRecycling, Solvent Extraction, Deep Eutectic Solvents, Fission products, serious nuclear accident chemistry, lanthanides, plastics, Organic chemistry, Main group chemistry, coordination chemistry

Website Chalmers University of Technology, in English
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Reasearch / work
Research in both nuclear chemistry and industrial materials recycling. I have an academic interest in the recycling of materials which are not currently possible to recycle. This includes the recycling of a wide range of materials, these include mixed plastic wastes, disused electrical batteries and unwanted pyrotechnics. Some of this recycling work is devoted to the study of the solvent extraction of metals from novel solvents such as deep eutectic solvents (DES) which are similar to the ionic liquids. I also have some interests in nuclear chemistry, these include the development of new chemical processes for the separation of materials from radioactive wastes for the purpose of recycling. I also have an interest in the chemistry of key fission products under the conditions of a serious nuclear reactor accident. I also have interests and experience regarding wastes, for example I have worked on slags from the aluminium recycling plants and on heavy metal contaminated waste water. My undergraduate education was in chemistry (Imperial College) where I took the organic chemistry specialization, I did my PhD (Loughborough) on organo phosphorus sulfur chemistry (border between organic and inorganic chemistry). I have worked as a postdoc on coordination chemistry, organometallics, porous silicas, asymmetric phosphorus compounds and the design / synthesis of new solvent extraction reagents. I tend to apply my chemical knowledge and skills to new problems.